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Yulong River Rafting
Yulong River 1
Yulong River
Yulong River Rafting

Yulong River 遇龙河


Gongnong Bridge (工农桥)

Yulong Bridge (遇龙桥)

Fuli Bridge (富里桥)

Big Banyan Tree (大榕树)

Best Hotels Near The Yulong River

  • Yangshuo Mountain Retreat
    • Located right next to the Yulong River
  • Yangshuo Secret Garden
    • Beatiful Hotel Away From Yangshuo
  • Outside Inn
    • Secluded Guesthouse in the village of Chaolong

The Yulong River is a tributory of the Li River and has its own spectacular scenery.

These are the best things to do in and around the Yulong River

Bamboo Raft Rides

There are sevaral excellent Bamboo Raft rides along the Yulong River. You could go from the Yulong Bridge down to the ancient village of Jiuxian or another good trip is to go from Chaoyang docks all the way to Gongnong Bridge.

You can incorporate a Bamboo raft ride with a dya's excurion on bicycle. You can do all of this on your own or do it with a local guide. Any good hotel or guide can arrange any of this for you.

Bike Rides

The Yulong River Valley is an excellent location for bike rides. You can ride past small villages, rice paddies and also enjoy all the beautiful scenery. Good routes go towards Moon or the Yulong Bridge with many alternative routes in between. Explore the ancient village of Jiuxian and walk around the old houses and ancestral halls. There are so many options.

You can get a map and explore on your own. You may become a little geographically challenged but it will be a great experience. Alternatively you can pre-book a day out with a guide.


There are great hiking opportunites all around the Yulong River Valley. You can walk along the banks of the Yulong River or you can walk around the little villages or if you are keen, you can try and follow the old paths leading over the hills. Anywhere you go around here is beautiful.


There are a few lovely swimming holes along the Yulong River. You might spot us having a picnic somewhere nearby, having some refreshing drinks and going for a dip in the river.

 Helicopter Rides

You can also take an arial view of the Yulong River. Short helicpter rides are available. These begin (and end) near Moon Hill and take you above the Yulong River. You will get some amazing views from up there