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Yangshuo's Moon Hill
Yanghsuo Moon Hill

Entrance Fee

15-20 Yuan

Free parking for bicycles and scooters

Nearby restaurants for a meal and a drink

One of Yangshuo's most visited sights, this karst peak obtains its name from a large, semi-circular hole in the top of the mountain which is visible from far away. It is worth getting some photos from afar, as you'll find that you can't get good views of the mountain from up close. You do get great shots at the top though. Being up this high puts a whole new perspective on the countryside.

Moon Hill can be climbed in 25-40 minutes, depending on your fitness.

The route takes you right up through the hole and out onto a platform on the other side. Look inside the arch for a sign erected to record Todd Skinner's climbing achievements here. Those with good eyesight may be able to make out rock climbing gear in the apex of the arch.

The viewing platform has great views down over the Yulong Valley, and is in just the right place to frame a photo of you or your companions with the arch as a backdrop. There are always plenty of people around to take a shot for you.