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Yangshuo Yulong Bridge 1
Yangshuo Yulong Bridge
Yulong Bridge

How to get to the Yulong Bridge

You can easily visit the Yulong Bridge by bicycle, scooter or taxi

There are also bamboo raft trips available from this bridge down towards Jiuxian village

Best Hotels Near The Yulong Bridge

  • Yangshuo Secret Garden
    • Stay in beautifuly restored old houses

This 400 year old bridge is located in a beautiful setting. It is also one location for bamboo raft rides.

You can get here easily on bike, taking in towns like Jiuxian which are on the banks on the Yulong river. A bike ride along here is one of our favorite days out. We definitely recommend you come to visit this bridge and incorporate it into a bike ride.

There is a very good village road leading from Yangshuo to here. Along the way you will be going through small villages and past rice paddies and then you will be following the banks of the Yulong river. Very special indeed.

If it is too hot or wet for a bike ride, or you don't have the time or the inclination, then you can take a taxi via the main Guilin road. It would be worth incorporating other sites/stops so as to make at least a half day trip.

If you want, you can then do a relaxing bamboo raft trip for an hour or two down the river before heading back to Yangshuo.