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Road Restrictions

As of the 15th of September 2017 there will be road restrictions affecting travel to some parts of the Yulong River area and the main road between the Big Banyan Tree and Butterfly spring.

In these areas, a shuttle bus system will be in place. No private cars, taxis, tour coaches and non-registered motorbikes will be permitted. Visitors will need to take the shuttle buses to go to sites such as the Assembling Dragon Cave, Big Banyan Tree, Ancient Totem Path, Butterfly Spring, Moon Hill and the Gongnong Bridge

Along the Yulong River Valley, the towns of Jima, Chaolong, Chaoyang and several others will also require visitors to jump on the shuttle buses to reach them. This will also mean that people wanting to go bamboo raft in this area will also need to take a shuttle buses.

Bikes are still allowed to go through this area and without all the other traffic, it should be a really nice experience to ride through.