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The Li River as viewed from Xianggong Hill
Views from Xianggong Hill
Xianggong Hil

How to get to Xianggong Hill

There is no public transport to this hill

Hire a car - any hotel or travel agency can book a car to take you to Xianggong Hill. The driver will wait in the car park for you

Take a scooter - either an electric or petrol scooter can bring you to Xianggong hill. The road is winding, narrow and steep in places.

As the road is steep in places it will be difficult for most people to go there on a bicycle

Many hotels and travel agencies offer specialised tours to Xianggong Hill as it is a popular location for photography enthusiasts

Entrance Fee

60 Yuan

Free parking for bicycles, scooters and cars (limited)

Xianggong Hill is the best place to get great views of the Li River and the Karts Mountains

Many photographers get up early to try to catch the stunning sunrise and sometimes they are rewarded with the iconic pictures

If you are not keen to get up so early, you can still catch the amazing scenery during the day

Xiangong Hill is about a 30 minute drive from Yangshuo and the entrance fee is 60 Yuan per person

The walk up the steps from the car park to the viewing platform takes about 15 minutes