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The Brew

Fantastic Restaurant In Downtown Yangshuo

#13 Out of 131 restaurants

Specialising in:

  • Imported Steaks
  • Hamburgers
  • Pasta
  • Draught Beer
  • Imported Wines
  • Cocktails

Latest Reviews

  • Great to Eat western Food
  • great burgers
  • The Best Burger in China
  • Western Food in China’s heartland
  • Good food at great prices
  • Good for non-Chinese food option

   Phone: +86 159 7740 4074 -

   Address: Sunshine 100, Diecui Road | Sunshine 100, E 110 B, Yangshuo County 541900 -

“The Brew” is an Austrian owned and run western restaurant established in 2008 and we do things our own way!

They make their own pasta, brew beer, bake bread, make basil pesto,  smoke their own bacon and duck breast and bake their own pizzas!

Every sunday they slow cook/smoke incredibly flavourful and juicy pork neck, they go fast, so please make a reservation!

Over the past almost 10 years they have kept fine-tuning their recipes which shows in dishes like the grilled chicken breast with basil pesto, the smoked duck or the blue cheese tagliatelle!

The New Zealand tenderloin is the best steak you can get in this part of the world.

They also serve wine by the glass, have home brewed ales on tab, a good selection of imported beers and a full bar!