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A really beautiful way to come to Yangshuo is on a Li River Cruise

Cruises depart each morning from just outside of Guilin and arrive in Yangshuo after midday (the timining depends on how fast the Li River is flowing, in the rainy season the river is flowing faster so the arrival time is closer to midday while in winter, the cruise boats arrive around 2pm).

The Li River Cruise covers the most spectacular part of the Li River which is between the towns of Yangdi and Xingping. The karst peaks here are very tall and are on the banks on the Li River, giving an awesome experience.

There are two docks where the boats will arrive at in Yangshuo:-

  • Dragon Head Boat Docks 龙头山码头
  • Yangshuo West Street Docks 阳朔码头

The vast majority of Li River cruises dock at the Dragon Head docks. This is about a 15 minute walk to Yangshuo's downtown. In the opposite direction you will find quiter locations like the Li River Resort which is about a 10 minute walk.

You can easily book these cruises in Guilin the night before at any hotel or travel agency in Guilin.